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Krill Oil

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The Miracle Supplement That Seems To Be Good For LITERALLY Everything...

Ahhhh the not-so-sexy sounding but grossly underrated supplement that not only makes you healthier and smarter, but increases your ability to pack on more muscle. No, you can’t just throw down krill oil pills and make magical gains…

BUT taking them regularly is a way to ensure your body is operating optimally 24/7. This is because Origins Krill Oil contains essential omega-3 fatty acids that most of us are deficient in without even realizing it.

These omega-3’s affect our memory, mental focus, cardiovascular health, join health, ability to move, ability to fight inflammation, ability to lower levels of blood fats, and yes our ability to build muscle.

As you can see, our bodies need Omega-3’s for a lot of things. If you’ve ever felt like you’re doing “everything” you can possibly think of but aren’t making the gains you should be expecting then there is a good chance that you are deficient in these essential omega-3’s.

Luckily, it’s an easy fix! Supplement with Origins Krill Oil daily and come back to thank us later.

Muscle Building From Krill Oil 

In a study conducted from the Washington University School of Medicine in Missouri, researchers measured the effects of DHA and EPA on muscle building (1). They performed these tests on a group of 25-45 year olds and the results were unexpected. The anabolic response was significantly increased due to an increase in amino acids and greater insulin sensitivity. Additionally, Krill oil also has muscle sparing principles making it anti-catabolic. This is especially effective for those who have trouble cutting body fat without experiencing muscle degradation as well.

The Essential Omega-3 Fatty Acids – Perfectly Dosed For Your Best Results 

  1.  Astaxanthin - A powerful antioxidant that helps contain & fight inflammation. This omega-3 also improves movement by reducing joint pain.
  2.  DHA - Heart healthy essential fatty acids that have shown to effectively lower levels of blood fats, improving circulation & cardiovascular health.
  3.  EPA - Substantially improves brain health by improving cognitive performance, reducing brain fog, & increasing mental sharpness.

Optimize Your Health With Krill Oil 

  • Become anti-catabolic, preventing muscle breakdown
  • Increases lean muscle protein synthesis
  • Fights off inflammation which can cause unwanted weight gain and body pains
  • Improved circulation and cardiovascular health
  • Experience substantial improvements in cognitive performance

    Why Krill Oil vs. Fish Oil? 

    • They both provide your body with DHA & EPA, however, the quality of Krill Oil is much higher & is harvested from cleaner sources of fresh water.

    • The Omega-3’s in Krill oil are bound to phospholipids, making them easier to absorb compared to the Omega-3s in fish oil that are bound to triglycerides.

    • The harvesting of Krill oil is limited and presents no harm to their population.

    We stand by our high-quality products and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with a risk-free, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.


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