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While I may be living the so-called "American Dream," that is not how many of us -- "us" being NFL Super Bowl Champions -- start out. Overcoming obstacles is an integral part of any journey and I for one can say from my experience that my trials and tribulations have not only added to me being at this momentous point in my life but have enabled me to appreciate and understand the position my success has put me in -- a position to give back. Growing up in Terre Haute, Ind., I was amongst many children and families living in the crossroads of America, facing the same struggles many people deal with every day.  While I may have made it out of Terre Haute, I have not forgotten about that town -- neither my roots nor the people who helped me get to where I am today. I live my life remembering where I came from and thinking of ways in which I can I help those who are in situations similar to the one I was once in. Charity comes in all forms and even the smallest sacrifice can help lend aid to our neighbors, near and far, who need it most. Giving back boils down to being an integral part of the human condition and there are some very special organizations that help people from all walks of life and have a place for every type of volunteer. All acts of kindness, no matter how small, are significant, and if these acts only impact one person, they will have still made the world a better place.

- Steve Weatherford

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The Steve Weatherford World Champion Foundation directly benefits the many philanthropic initiatives Steve has founded over the course of his NFL career. From his Rush the Punter and Kick for Kids events that fund school education programs in his home town of Terre Haute, Indiana to his New Jersey based Project Prom campaign which gave Superstorm Sandy victims a chance to attend their high school proms with dignity and style, all of Steve’s charities will be assisted by the partners contributing to his World Champion Foundation.

Combining his love for physical activities that bring families together, his admiration of those inspired kids who make a difference in their communities, and a lifelong crusade to provide nutrition and fitness information to children and their parents, the World Champion Foundation becomes the focal point of all Steve’s life changing programs.

“The World Champion Foundation is going to serves as a central vehicle where winners from across the globe can support the dreams of aspiring champions to be,” says Weatherford. “It’s the single umbrella under which my many endeavors can find shelter and resources… and it’s a dream come true for me.” – Steve Weatherford, Founder

  • - The Steve Weatherford Charity for Ghana, Founder
  • - Project Prom, Founder
  • - Boys and Girls Club in New Jersey, Fitness Ambassador
  • - Wellness in the Schools, Head Coach
  • - Second Chance Toys, Spokesperson
  • - Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Spokesperson
  • - Rush the Punter, Spokesperson
  • - Kicks for Kids, Spokesperson

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