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Battle Tested E-Book + Immunity Pack

Battle Tested 30 day bootcamp was built to get you good at using your own body. 

This is not a super sophisticated program. It’s super simple, and super effective. It was created for ACTION, not thinking.

Bruce Lee once said “fear not the man that practices 10,000 kicks; but fear that man that practices  one kick 10,000 times.” 

This step by stepprotocol will give you the tools to practice using your body through ranges of motion, movements and routines that are fun, fast and effective. 

These workouts will burn fat and build muscle while you are gaining better control of the foundational principles of health, wellness and performance. 

Also included, my personal mobility and flexibility routines to help prepare you for battle and also lessen the joint and muscle soreness throughout the next 30 days of intense physical and mental commitments 💯

Immunity Pack Description 


Supplementing with greens is a quick, painless, and amazingly delicious way to supercharge your diet. With every scoop, you receive 5 servings of 8 Organic, nutrient-dense superfoods that satisfy your daily micronutrient needs. Looking better, feeling better, and performing better are all byproducts of how you treat your body.

Veritas Greens ensures your body is running optimally, which leads to:

  • Greater fat loss
  • Improved gut health
  • More energy
  • A revved up metabolism
  • Feeling good
  • And a stronger immune system

And the best of all? You can drink this anywhere and in just minutes a day. Now there is NO excuse to getting in all of your greens, no matter how busy you are! Simply drink a greens drink in the morning upon waking up or take it with you on-the-go.

  • Mixes easily and tastes amazing
  • Fills the gaps of a so-called "healthy" diet
  • Cleanses and detoxifies your body
  • Avoid the pesticides and harmful chemicals from standard grocery store vegetables
  • Less food prep and less expensive trips to the grocery store
  • No more torturing yourself with multiple servings of vegetables a day



*Morning boost of enhanced cognition

* Natural supplement that consistently provides increased cognitive brain function for: memory, endurance, focus, and energy 


    Harness The Superpowers Of Turmeric

    Most people don’t even realize they have inflammation, yet Inflammation is detrimental to your body and is often overlooked when we are focusing on bulking or cutting.

    If you seem to struggle with burning fat, getting stronger, constant joint pain, loss of focus during training, and even bloating then your body may be inflamed.

    The bad news: When your body is inflamed, your immune system, your muscles, your joints, your fat cells, and your organs are all affected.

    The good news: Origins Turmeric, is a natural anti-inflammatory and has been widely accepted as being one of the most helpful natural ingredients in fighting off these damaging effects!

    Reduce Inflammation To Accelerate Your Results

    • Feel better and train harder
    • Enjoy more flexible and stronger joints
    • Aids your body in the fat burning process
    • Supercharge energy levels
    • Recover from hard workouts faster (increased lean muscle mass potential)
    • Keep inflammatory responses low