New Study Results Prompt NFL's

New Study Results Prompt NFL's "Fittest Player," Steve Weatherford, to Team Up with Formula Four™


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Big Game Champion Punter Leans On Personal Experience In Talking About Oxygen Supplement Benefits

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Steve Weatherford, who's been called the "most ripped man in all of football" by Muscle and Fitness, has joined the Formula Four team. Weatherford is speaking out about the results of a six-month study that show consuming Formula Four significantly improves recovery from high-intensity exercise by speeding up lactate clearance, also known as removal of lactic acid from the muscles.

The NFL's "Fittest Player," New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford, poses with his stock of Formula Four Oxygenated Water. Weatherford has joined the Formula Four team as a brand ambassador, helping to raise awareness about the benefits of Formula Four's stabilized oxygen content, which was recently scientifically proven to increase lactate clearance, speeding up the body's ability to recover. Formula Four is available at grocery stores across North America and is launching on in February.
Formula Four's unique active ingredient, stabilized oxygen, is found in its oxygenated water product, available at retailers across North America, as well as its Oxygen Shot supplement, both set to be available on starting February 9th.

"I've had a life-long passion for health and fitness," says Weatherford. "I'm bombarded daily by products and so-called supplements that make claims they can't back up. After using Formula Four in my training regimen and getting confirmation of its statistical significance, I knew there was something different about it and knew that I had to have a part in sharing the news about this product with those who could see a benefit from it."

The six-month, in-depth, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, completed by Neil Fleming, Ph.D., Department of Kinesiology, Recreation and Sports at Indiana State University, investigated the ergogenic and physiological effects of consuming Formula Four's activated stabilized oxygen, as it relates to exercise performance and recovery; two key areas for athletes and health enthusiasts.

Building on prior research dating as far back as the 1940s, Fleming hypothesized that highly trained athletes would benefit from a faster lactate clearance after drinking Formula Four, thus decreasing their recovery time after exercising.

"The main finding from the current round of tests is that ingestion of OS (Formula Four Oxygen Supplement) significantly improved recovery from high-intensity aerobic exercise, via enhanced lactate clearance," says Fleming. "What's more, compared with other ergogenic aids that alter lactate kinetics (such as beta-alanine), the effects of the stabilized oxygen on lactate clearance appear more rapid - almost immediate compared to a two or three-week dosage period."

The findings are significant for athletes such as Weatherford, who says, "Oxygen breeds life and is essential to obtain peak performance levels. By incorporating Formula Four into my training, I'm significantly increasing the amount of oxygen in my system, producing positive physical results beyond what I imagined was possible. My fitness goal for 2015 is 5% body fat, and given its incredible ability to help with my recovery and overall state of body, I'm using Formula Four everyday to help me hit my target."

Fleming notes, "Drinking OS did result in a statistically significant improvement in post-exercise recovery, which is an important finding. Faster recovery from intense training is of great benefit to competitive athletes as it's likely to increase the rate of training adaptation – or the way the body improves over time, allowing the sport to be performed at a higher level in the long-term."

He also says, "Many athletic events over short and middle distances, even up to 5,000 meters, require multiple races over the course of a competition. The ability to clear lactate more efficiently and hence recover faster in the early rounds of competition is of clear benefit to an athlete. Post-exercise recovery is also important in team-based sports (e.g. basketball, football, hockey) that involve players performing high intensity, short movements. Any intervention that may enhance the clearance of lactate during a player's recovery would likely improve overall performance during the game."

About Formula Four™
Formula Four™, a product of Formula Four Beverages Inc., is a science-based product and the only oxygen supplement available today containing an O4 oxygen molecule. The stabilized oxygen in Formula Four has been a vital part of professional athlete training programs, treks to the peak of Mount Everest and gold medal wins for the U.S. Olympic Swim team. For more information visit

About Steve Weatherford
Steve Weatherford, punter for the New York Giants, is nationally recognized for his extensive philanthropic work, and his incredible strength, physique and approach to health and fitness. On the philanthropic side, his primary outreach is focused on children, health and fitness, and family. Under the umbrella of his foundation, the Steve Weatherford World Champion Foundation, Weatherford mentors close to 150,000 kids in his roles as Health and Fitness Ambassador of the Boys and Girls Club of New Jersey and "head coach" for Wellness in Schools. He also serves as spokesperson for Second Chance Toys, the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation, The Steve Weatherford Charity for Ghana, Rush the Punter, which is held in his hometown of Terre Haute, Indiana to raise money for United Way, and Kicks for Kids. In 2013, Weatherford was recognized for his outstanding community service by the NY Giants organization with the coveted Wellington Mara Award. This year he has been nominated for the Walter Payton Award. Featured in Men's Fitness, for his "maniacal" workout routine, teammates call Weatherford the "strongest player pound-for-pound" on the team. His commitment to health and fitness is showcased regularly through his column in USA Today called PressTime, and through his health and fitness tips on his many highly populated social media channels.

For more information about Steve Weatherford, visit KCB Sports Marketing, the marketing division of Rosenhaus Sports, at

Twitter: @Formula_Four

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